Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Such an Honor Just to Be Nominated!

I have just found out that The Blacksmith's Daughter has been nominated for Best YA Novel in the Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Awards.

I cannot say how psyched I am to hear this! Wow! I am darned near speechless and that's saying something.

But for such a talkative person, I don't blog nearly as often as I should. Quite frankly, I am afraid that if I start spilling I will not be able to stop and will tell all kinds of awful crap that shouldn't be told.

But I swear to do better. So in addition to my super great news about the nomination (please vote at and spread the Musa Publishing love by supporting my peeps at Musa!), I would also like to let you all know what else I am up to.

Well, I am spending a little time on a fanfiction piece as Arcole on Okay, before my editors at Musa start fussing at me for not working on my other stuff, oh, like the sequel to TBD, The Merchant's Son, or my possible upcoming other paranormal romance or that sci-fi piece I'm dreaming up for the Urania line, let me say that I am working on those in my head as I am playing in the Lost sandbox with "Grace Period."

It is really funny how the more I write, the more I write. So working on some playtime helps me work on big plot points for my real stuff as well. I guess blogging counts toward that too. So more writing means more writing and that means more blogging too.

Therefore, look for another blog soon concerning my time and space traveling jacket. That story is true and not crap.