Monday, September 26, 2011

Musa Publishing Launch T minus 5 days!

Well, folks, the countdown has begun to the launch of Musa Publishing!! I am completely psyched about this. There are so many great books coming out in just a few days, not to mention a fabulous speculative short fiction journal, Penumbra! Plus, The Blacksmith's Daughter will be released October 21!

Work is progressing nicely. We have a beautiful cover and editing is going very smoothly.

Plus, it is has been so great to connect with the other authors and editors. The creative team at Musa is incredible and super to work with. So everybody, get over to Musa Publishing at the release and check out the lineup!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Of Cover Art and Brain Melt

I swear I thought I was on the ball with regard to using the internet. I really thought I understood things about Facebook and email and blogs.

Boy, was I wrong!! I don't know why I never blogged to amount to anything before. After all, I cut my creative teeth writing humor columns for my college newspaper. How is a blog much different? Now I am struggling to find things to say!!! So here's my news at least of the moment.

Editing is going great!! More kudos to Angela than I believed possible.

And the cover is looking super cool! I've seen two mockups so far and I think it is really evocative and fun besides! Can't wait to see it hot and live on the Musa and Euterpe sites.

Meanwhile, I'll be guesting on some upcoming blogs as well! I'll be sure to update with dates and times!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weblink is active at Musa!

Hey! Update on The Blacksmith's Daughter!!! The weblink is active now at The Blacksmith's Daughter at Musa Publishing! Please feel free to get on Facebook and share the link too!!

So things are moving right along rapidly. Got the first edits back from my fabulous editor Angela, and now I'm in the process of working those. She's really giving me some great feedback. Also I'm tweaking some sections to better develop ideas that will be important in the sequel--The Merchant's Son. Yep, the first book isn't out yet and I've got the sequel well underway in the planning stages.

Stay tuned for more!! Yep, Angela says I overuse exclamation points. Say it isn't so!!!