Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Great S. G. Rogers: An Interview

Hey, Suzanne, I’m glad you stopped by my blog to answer a few questions!  First maybe I should reveal how we met.  We’d both sold books to the same publisher and were in a chat room, promoting ourselves to readers.  We ended up promoting ourselves to each other and buying each other’s books!

I remember that, Arley!  That was a lot of fun, actually. I loved the cover and blurb for The Blacksmith’s Daughter. I really enjoyed your book, and I can’t wait for the sequel.  Neither can my thirteen-year-old son, who glued himself to my Kindle and read it in one sitting.

Thanks!  So I’m dying to know…what’s your latest release?

The Magical Misperception of Meridian is coming out on February 17, from MuseItUp Publishing.  It’s a fantasy novelette in which a beautiful commoner and a stammering prince form a magical friendship that can survive almost anything—except the queen’s disapproval.

Ooh, that sounds cool.  What’s the elevator pitch?

Great Expectations meets The King’s Speech maybe. I never actually saw The King’s Speech, but I understand Colin Firth stammers in it.  I guess that’s close enough! 

Magical Misperception sounds a lot different from The Last Great Wizard of Yden.

It’s a romantic fantasy for one thing, and a far shorter story. Also, I usually write characters who are wizards or magical in some way.  In Magical Misperception, the only thing magical about Jona and Lee is their friendship.
Does that mean there’s no magic in the story? I will miss that if there's no magic!

Not at all!  The Wizard Farland pops in and out to provide plenty of magic.  Although he’s one of the secondary characters, the old goat is one of my favorites.

Have you got anything else on the burner at the moment?

I have another romantic fantasy coming out on Leap Day, from The Wild Rose Press.  In Clash of Wills, when an unconventional princess meets a footloose prince, a battle of wits begins.

Awesome! And didn’t you just release another romantic fantasy?  How did you manage to get them all published in February?

Yes, Minna & The Valentine came out February 1st.  I wrote Minna specifically for a February release, but I had no control over the release dates on the other two.  I guess it’s sort of like traffic—sometimes it bunches up for no apparent reason.

Thanks for the interview, Suzanne!  Where can we find you?

My blog is at www.childofyden.com.  There’s a Twitter link there, as well as one to my author page on Facebook.  Thanks, Arley, for having me on to your blog! It’s always so much fun talking with you.

Same here, Suzanne!



  1. Assume post! You both sound lick you had allot of fun writing it. I can't wait to read the stories!


  2. You're so productive, Suzanne! Congratulations on your release, and good luck with all your other projects.

  3. You make the rest of us look like we are retired with your level of productivity. But then, I think it's innate in Suzannes to work their hearts our. Keep up the good work, both of you! Thanks Suzanne for introducing us to an old friend of yours who also writes books. It's so great to see how you promote one another!

    Jaxs(Suzanne M)

    1. Thank you, Suzanne. And Arley IS a wonderful writer.

  4. Suzanne is killing me too with all her stories out! Every other read the past few weeks has been one of her new ones. I did love Minna and the Valentine too! It is such a fun, sweet story. Can't wait to get my copy of Misperception. And we've got that new Musa release, The Druid!!

    1. What a great cheerleader, Arley. You know I'll be first in line to read your sequel to The Blacksmith's Daughter, don't you?