Monday, September 26, 2011

Musa Publishing Launch T minus 5 days!

Well, folks, the countdown has begun to the launch of Musa Publishing!! I am completely psyched about this. There are so many great books coming out in just a few days, not to mention a fabulous speculative short fiction journal, Penumbra! Plus, The Blacksmith's Daughter will be released October 21!

Work is progressing nicely. We have a beautiful cover and editing is going very smoothly.

Plus, it is has been so great to connect with the other authors and editors. The creative team at Musa is incredible and super to work with. So everybody, get over to Musa Publishing at the release and check out the lineup!!!


  1. Arley, you must be incredibly excited about the release of your book. Congratulation.

  2. Not too long before your release -- congratulations, Arley!


  3. Your book is coming out on my daughters birthday! Good luck in your writing future, Arley.